Join Our Team in the Middle East December 5th-10th

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Do you have friends or family interested in a U.S. Green Card through the EB-5 Program in the Middle East? Join our team in select cities to learn more. To schedule a meeting, email us at

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Christian Tyler Properties, LLC (“CTP”) is a privately held, full service real estate development, acquisition, investment, and management company based in Tampa, Florida. As the founder of CTP, Kirk D. Eicholtz has grown the company into a highly successful real estate enterprise based in the Central Florida area, being a part of the development team of over 4,000,000 square feet of retail, office, and industrial space, as well as numerous large scale, multi-family residential communities, including a heavy emphasis on senior care facilities and student housing. In 2012, Mr. Eicholtz entered the EB-5 platform through his acquisition of the Florida Equity & Growth Fund Regional Center LLC (“FEGFRC”). FEGFRC with its partners has raised in excess of $250 million in EB-5 funds for job creating enterprises. CTP and its partners have placed over 500 investors in the EB-5 program through the Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center.